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Top 6 Personalized Valentine Day Gift Ideas for HIM & HER

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there is no better day to express your warmest, deepest feelings to your loved one in a romantic, mushy and personalized way. You can buy a bouquet of fragrant red roses, teddy bear or chocolates for your lucky guy/girl, but add a unique touch to a romantic gift you choose for your special someone to celebrate this special day. When shopping for HER or HIM, you can look for customized gift items through online shopping sites or make something yourself to express your genuine feelings for your partner. For people who are busy browsing for a customized gift, there are a whole lot of brand new gift items to pick up from, but if you are still doubtful then check the below mentioned top Valentine Day gift items that you can gift your Valentine this 14th.coffeemugs

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug or Mug Set – Tea or coffee, it is normal for nearly every person to have his or her daily cup of beverage. A coffee mug as a gift item is not only usable but also a regular reminder of your presence without being in person. For Valentine’s Day you can choose from a number of personalized coffee mugs available online. Obtainable in various colours, personalized coffee mugs can be ordered with your/your beloved’s name on it, a picture of you and your partner printed on it, a love quote or your love declaration on it. You can also go for coffee mug sets with two half hearts and names engraved on it. The coffee mugs when kept beside each other form a full heart and both names inside it. Isn’t it cheesy?keepsake
  2. Personalized Love Letter Keepsake – If you are NOT planning on writing a love letter or giving a card with your heartfelt words but contemplating on something similar, then you can opt for an engraved keepsake gift with your romantic message to your significant other. This simplistic looking gift is not just durable but will also keep reminding your loved one of you when you are not around.picture
  3.  Picture Frame with a Personal Touch – Write what you have in your heart and select a favourite picture of you and your partner. There are a number of online shopping stores that cater to creating and selling exclusive picture frames. Made-to-order picture frames allow you to address your sweetheart’s name, pass on your short message and a picture that you both adore. A perfect gift item to be treasured on this Valentine’s Day. original_valentine-s-day-box-of-personalised-chocolates
  4. A Personal Touch with Chocolates & Wine – Valentine’s Day is incomplete without chocolates for many, while some want to raise a toast with wines and champagnes to celebrate the romantic day. If you are looking to buy your valentine some chocolates or wines, then why not add your personal touch to it as well. There are a number of online sites that allow you to add your partner’s name, put on a snap and pass on your sweetest, shortest love message on the sweet treats and bottle wrappings to make the gift look more thoughtful and personal. These small gestures will not only make your special someone smile from ear to ear but will also make the day more beautiful for the two of you.ASH1014CP840_main
  5. Customized Jewellery and Accessories – Jewellery gifted with a personal touch can surely please your special one. When it comes to jewellery and accessories, there are several beautifully designed items available online. All you need to do is think what you want from a long list of couple rings, love infinity pendants and bracelets, engraved couple name rings, birthstone rings, lock and key pendant necklaces, photo heart pendants, ‘I love you’ pendants and charm bracelets, pendants with your partner’s initials, His & Hers birthstone watches, etc. and gift it to your other half to make the day extra special.coupletshirt
  6. Personalized T-Shirts/Couple T-Shirts that Will Look Super Romantic – Looking to celebrate this Valentine’s Day together whole day, then a customized couple T-shirt will be a wonderful addition. A couple t-shirt is not only a gift for you and your partner, but also a way of proclaiming your love in front of others. With tons of personalized design templates available online, you can pick any of them for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or for the both of you.