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Top 4 Tips for a Happy, Safe & Carefree Holi

Holi, one of the most important religious festivals in India is very popular among both Hindus and non-Hindus. This spring festival is not only celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and a horde of colours and sweets but is also one of the most looked forward fiestas amid elders and children. However, this playful day can turn into a nightmare for the next couple of days for many, if the colours used affect the skin and hair of the ones who have played with it. To curtail such damage and have a joyous and safe Holi, you can try the below given tried, tested, reliable and handy safety tips this Holi.


1. Shun Chemical, Opt for Natural or Organic Colours:

Celebrating Holi without colours is meaningless and boring. However, these vibrant colours smeared on each other’s faces, hair, hands and legs can turn harmful and trigger rashes, allergies or infection of the skin, if the synthetic or greasy colours used contain chemical compounds like benzene, oxides, lead, metal, etc. To prevent any such eventuality and enjoy the festival without any stress, it is hence sensible to buy and play with organic or herbal colours that are easily available in the market.


If you are hesitant of the quality of colours used, then you can make 100% natural colours at home. It is easy to find the techniques online to make natural colours at home, while some of the materials used for getting your desired colours are: saffron colour (from tesu or palash flowers), green (from heena), blue (neeli gulmohar flowers or indigo plants), yellow (from turmeric powder and marigold flowers), red (from red hibiscus flowers or red sandalwood powder), etc.


2. Protect Your Skin:

Holi is a time for fun, frolic and celebration, so you need to play it safely to enjoy the festival to the fullest. With colours playing the most important part of the festival and it having the tendency to totally rip your skin from its natural oils and suppleness and lead to outbreaks, it is essential to keep a few pointers in mind to protect your skin before going out to play. Some of the simple instructions are:

  1. Wear bright or dark long-sleeved clothes

  2. Rub coconut oil on your hands, legs and exposed parts of your body

  3. Apply sunscreen (SPF 50) on your face at least 15 minutes before going to play

  4. Use lip balm to moisturize and protect your lips and

  5. Paint your nails with dark coloured nail polishes to safeguard your nails and cuticles from the harshness of the chemicals and colours


3. Hair Care During Holi

Though you may look your best when you keep your hair open, it is generally advisable to tie your hair into a ponytail, braid your hair or turn it into a bun before play. Oiling your hair from the scalp to its ends is another tip that will help you limit the harm from the colours.

Post playing with colours, shampooing your hair and following it with deep conditioning is strongly suggested.


4. Refrain from Throwing Water Balloons on Strangers:

It is very common to play with water during Holi. Splashing buckets of water on others, throwing friends and relatives in a pool of water or throwing water balloons is what a lot of people enjoy doing on this fun-filled day. However, water balloons thrown from great heights or randomly towards unsuspected people can potentially harm their eyes. There have been many serious incidents, where people have suffered from chemical conjunctivitis, eye allergies, short-term blindness or scratches in the cornea of the eye due to the force and chemicals used in the water balloons. Hence refrain from wild pranks or plans that involve throwing of water balloons from altitudes.

For people who wear contact lenses, ophthalmologists strongly advise them to use their glasses than lenses. This would avoid any allergies or infections resulting from the irritation and friction from the contact lenses and the colours.