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How to Throw a Rocking New Year’s Party at Home

Planning to throw a New Year’s party for the first time at your home? Or have you hosted parties before but are now short of ideas. Don’t fret just now.


If you are planning to host a New Year’s bash at home, then you should aim to make it enjoyable and fun-filled for all but without costing you a lot. Be it the look of your house, the menu or the games you want to play till the clock strikes 12, you can all make it work.

Our 4 tips given below will help you and your guests make the most of your homely yet sparkling party to remember. Just pull up your socks and plan ahead to make your house party ready for your friends and family on December 31.


1. Lighting & Decorations – First things first, think how you want your house to look like when your friends enter your cherished abode. To decorate and liven your home for the New Year Eve party, you can use balloons, curled ribbons, decorative garlands or glittery/metallic decoration materials (that are readily available during Christmas). If you want to inch more in your beautifications, then you can bring out your Diwali fairy lights to decorate a part of your house, some beautiful aromatic candles to soothe and relax your guests (keep them at one corner to avoid accidents) or put up a color changing ball or neon light to create a welcoming yet party-type environment.


2. Choose a Theme – Theme parties are fun. Theme parties are entertaining. So why not try them out at your year-end party. While inviting your guests, inform them about your theme. A decade party (dressing up in retro-style of the 60s, 80s or 90s) or asking your guests to come dressed like their favorite celebrity are some cool ideas that you can think about.

However, if you think your invitees would not be bold enough to move out of their comfort zone, then a masquerade party or passing a glittering hat and making everyone wear it is another way to enhance the party mood. You can also choose a color theme and ask your invitees to dress in the colors picked by you. Colors like blue and white, red and black, metallic and shimmer are quite popular for house parties.


3. Know When to Serve – Timing is everything when it comes to serving food. When to serve depends on what you want to serve and when you have invited your guests. If your party starts by as early as 7 pm and you plan to go on past midnight, then a round of appetizers with drinks is good enough before 9 pm. As for dinner, it is always better to serve your sumptuous spread before 11.30 pm. This will give you some time to tidy up the place from dishes and also precious time on hand when the clock nears 12.

In case, you want to skip making appetizers, then you can either ask your friends to carry some light starters (like a potluck party) or you can invite your guests at a time convenient for you to serve delicious dinner/supper with drinks.


4. Keep the Party Alive with Music & Games – It’s a New Year’s Party and you are inviting your close ones to mingle and have fun. So, don’t make it boring. Make an effort to keep everyone entertained and enjoy their last day of the year. You can set the mood by putting some soothing music when light conversations are going on. If you are all in the mood to let your hair down, then choose your songs accordingly. The only point to remember is to not blast your music system and annoy your neighbors. (If possible tell them about the party beforehand).

In the midst of mingling, gossiping and eating, you can also try out games. Be it the crowd favorite antakshari, dumb- charades, card games, a game of housie or lip-syncing contest for words, do not hesitate to put your idea forward and initiate guests into it.

As a final word, enjoy and have a great New Year party on a budget and being a host, keep your guests regaled and safe!