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Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas for HIM & HER

December – the last month of the year and its absolutely wonderful to end it with Christmas and New Year festivities. Parties and get-togethers with family and friends add more cheer to this year-end wintry month. The cherry on the cake to these celebrations are gifts. Christmas or New Year gifts for your loved ones are not only a great way to augment the occasion but also a wonderful way to thank them for being with you through the past year and wishing for the same heartfelt togetherness in the coming year.

However, finding that perfect gift in the midst of planning a social get together at home or visiting a friend’s place for a party can be a bit taxing, especially if you are in short of ideas. If you are, then do not fret. Just spare a few minutes and continue reading below and you might just stumble upon some cool ideas that will help you pick the right gift for your dear HER or HIM.

For HIM:

HIM can be your brother, friend, father, boyfriend or husband. Gifting HIM also means that men like receiving gifts. Contrary to popular belief that men generally like gifting, they also equally enjoy receiving gifts, especially when it is what they were looking to buy for themselves.

Now if your HIM is your father, brother or even a friend then you might have a fair idea of his likes and dislikes. Wallets, travel bag, belts, watches, a favourite sweet or chocolate box, mobile phone related accessories, jackets/shirts, champagne bottle, a book or CD that HE might be looking for, greeting cards etc. are some of the gift ideas for HIM.

If your HIM is your boyfriend or husband, then you can make this Christmas and New Year more special by giving a personal touch through a personalized gift item. Dropping a subtle question on a thing he might have longed for, is a smart way to know before planning to buy a gift. Following this, depending on his likes/preferences and your budget, you can think of more gift ideas. For example,

MUSIC GIFTS: If your HIM is a music freak, then gifting something on the lines of an iPod, an electronic instrument, a personalised domino set, tickets to a music concert, an audio CD with a compilation of his favourite songs or artist/s seems a good idea.

GROOMING GIFTS:  You can gift your HIM a new look this holiday season through some readily available men’s grooming products in the market. If your HIM is into styling and grooming, then there is a range of lotions, shower gels, deodorants, colognes, trimmers and electric shavers available. You can make a small hamper out of it to show your thoughtfulness and utility of your heartfelt gifts. To know more, you can check out Amazon or Nykaa for grooming products for men.

OUDOORSY GIFTS: If your HIM is an Outdoor enthusiast, then there is nothing like it. Depending on his preferred outdoor activity or a sport he likes, you can gift him a pair of hiking or running shoes, a sleeping bag that is ideal for a weekend backpacking trip or a windproof jacket. Amazon, Flipkart and Decathlon may help you a great deal in realizing your plan.

For HER:

Gifting can be quite a task, if you are trying to find a perfect gift for HER which is thoughtful, useful yet not pinching a hole in your pocket. Do not worry while trying to find a wonderful balance between the two and treating your favourite ladies (your mom, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife) with something special on this holiday season.

Chocolate hampers, assorted sweets, flowers, cakes, soft toys, cookie hampers, gift box containing aromatic candles, personalized mugs/calendars/frames etc. are some gift items you can think for friends who are girls. Similarly for relations who are closer than friends, you can add a branded handbag, an ethnic or party outfit or her favourite book/CD to the list with a handmade New Year greeting or note attached to it. You can also look for:

BEAUTY GIFTS: If you want HER to squeal in delight, then a beauty hamper is the best bet. A 6-set eye-shadow palette, a spa gift hamper, a face care kit, a professional makeup concealer kit, a nail polish set or maybe even an appointment to a salon can do the trick. You can check for some really good discounts at Nykaa, Purplle, Flipkart or Jabong before making your pick.

FASHION JEWELRY: “I love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces you name it” – Sofia Vergara, says it all. Be it ethnic, chic or funky, a girl can never say enough when it comes to her jewellery collection. Add a thoughtful gift from your end this New Year by presenting HER an engraved ring, a personalised pendant chain or a charm bracelet. You can make your pick from a wonderful collection of bling jewelry, couple rings or romantic heart jewelry from Stylehoops.

How to Select Suitable Jewellery While Shopping Online

Earrings and Necklaces for your face type

In today’s Era, the online shopping bug has bitten everyone. Has it ever happened with you that you ordered a beautiful pair of earrings, eagerly waited for them to arrive but when you wore them, you hated them? If yes, this article will help you to decide that perfect earrings and neckpieces that compliment your face. The fundamental rule is to buy jewellary that is not of the same shape as your face but has curves, angles and length that is complimentary to your face cut.

Round Shape:  A round face is one whose length and the width is almost same. Actresses like Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta have round shape faces.


Women with round faces should always settle for long earrings, it will reduce the roundness of the face. They can wear earrings with angular shape to define their face and give it a slight angle or curve. Such faced women should avoid studs, hoops or any round shaped earrings as they will only add to the roundness of the face. Long necklaces suit round shape faces the best. They will accentuate the features.

Oval Shape: Women with this face cut are blessed as almost everything suits them. Actresses with this type of face cut are Dia Mirza, Bipasha Basu


Spiral shaped danglers look very pretty on such faces. The only caution for women with this face-cut is  not to wear earrings that are too long, they will only make your face look longer. In fact, you have the freedom to try different shapes like triangles, squares in your earrings. Necklaces of almost any length and type suit this face cut.

Square Shape: Actresses that have square shaped faces are Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra.


While deciding for the earrings, you need to keep in mind that the main aim is to reduce the focus from the Jaw line. Long narrow earrings look best on this face cut. Anything from tear drops to narrow chandeliers will complement the face very well. For necklaces, they should go for any length but make sure that pendants should be angular to enhance the face.

Heart Shape : Actresses  like Deepika Padukone flaunt this face cut.


Heart shaped face has high cheekbones and thin chin. They should choose earrings that go broader at the end to make the face look longer. Neckpieces should be ones that touch the collar bone. These women can feel free to wear those large hoops, broad chandeliers and geometrical shaped earrings. Even earrings that suit oval faces will suit them

Long Shaped : Katrina Kaif and Neha Dhupia are blessed with this face cut.


The face is long and thin and the jewellery should be such that it makes the face look wider. Round, square, triangle shaped earrings look best on such a face cut. All chunky jewellery look fabulous on this face cut. They should make sure that the earrings should not be exceeding the chin, specifically long single strand earrings. The neckpieces should not be too long for this shape.


Care of Imitiation Jewellery

Keep your imitation jewellery new ALWAYS!

You always take care of things that you love. If you love your jewellery, you must take good care of it. By paying little attention you can preserve the colour, shine and beauty of your imitation jewellery for a pretty long time. Although you have not paid through your nose to own those beautiful pair of earrings or that charming necklace, they still deserve to be loved and preserved.

Follow these simple tips to keep flaunting your imitation jewellery for longer than usual:

Storage: All those fancy jewellery boxes that you own, are a perfect storage piece for your gold or diamond jewellery. Imitation jewellery however has to be stored in a paper bag or a plastic bag. This prevents the chances of jewellery getting stuck in the material of the jewellery boxes. It is also said that velvet considerably reduces the shine of imitation jewellery. Always keep your jewellery in separate compartments, if you are using a jewellery pouch. Never ever soak your imitation jewellery in water as you do with your real jewellery, as this will weaken your most loved precious jewellery. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Things to keep away from imitation jewellery:  It is very important to ensure that none of your perfumes or deodorants are sprayed on the jewellery. All sorts of lotions also need to be kept away from jewellery pieces. Try and avoid water contact too. Any harsh chemicals are a big no-no. Treat your fashion jewellery as you treat your real jewellery, take equal care. Make sure that you are not wearing fashion jewellery daily. If you wear a shirt daily, it will lose it lusture same goes for your costume jewellery.

Cleaning: Never use a silver or gold jewellery cleaner for your imitation jewellery, as they might contain some acid and ruin this kind of jewellery. Similarly harsh objects should never be used for cleaning fashion jewellery. Always use a soft damp cloth to clean. For worst cases you can add a mild soap solution to water and use it for cleaning. Even toothpastes contain abrasives and can erode your costume jewellery to a large extent. Make sure that you have properly read the composition of the cleaner that you are using. Also read the cautions properly. There are many professional cleaning services available and that can be taken advantage of. Usually fine jewellery needs to be checked at least twice or thrice a year.

Below are a few tips that can come in handy when you need to take care of your jewellery:

  1. Always wear your jewellery last. Put all your make up and perfumes before it.
  2. Similarly remove your jewellery first.
  3. Do not wear jewellery to bath, pool or a sea beach. Chlorine or salt water destroys jewellery.
  4. Remove your jewellery while sleeping or doing household chores.

A little care and love can make your fashion jewellery last for long. Follow these simple tips and look your best with your favourite jewellery on.

Stylehoops.com Launches In Style!

Giorgio Armani once quoted in an interview that ‘The difference between style and fashion is quality’ and if you are seeking quality, style and affordability in the world of imitation and fashion jewellery, then Stylehoops.com is one e-commerce platform that you would love to experience.

Red and White Stone Studded Danglers

In today’s day and times, there are a number of e-commerce and e-retail sites that sell antique and fashion jewellery and accessories to customers online. Customers, who are typically women, love to shop online as it gives them an advantage to check different sites, compare the prices and pick their favourite jewellery piece, while sitting comfortably in their house. All they are concerned is to get that perfect piece of jewellery that will go with their outfit and matching footwear and that will sparkle their appearance when they want to attend a social gathering or when they just want to make a fashion statement.

If you are thinking on the same lines and want to dazzle and look your best, every time you step out, then shopping for fashionable, chic and ethnic jewellery at Stylehoops.com is all you need to do. Stylehoops.com is the most beloved launch by Bangalore based Sunayanaa Fashions. As a customer, you get to browse and choose from the best of brands and vast collection of gorgeous ethnic and chic bangles, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, anklets and maang tikas, without splurging a bomb that you would otherwise do after visiting a retail jewellery outlet.c1

A one-stop shop for all your imitation, antique, designer and stylish fashion jewellery, at Stylehoops.com you will get:
• Premium brands and the best of ethnic, artificial and trendy jewellery under one roof
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As a trusted and responsible business and with an aim to be the best seller in ethnic and fashion jewellery, we keep our customers likes, preferences and requirements in mind and continuously strive to bring the best brands and jewellery pieces that are trending in the current season. At the same time we continue our search for new brands, exclusive jewellery designs and styles and keep on adding this to our vast jewellery collection to give you some of the most unusual jewellery pieces that you might have not seen elsewhere.


Have a look through our delightful collection of bangles, necklaces, earrings and pendants catalogue to know how materials like kundan, polki, stone, American Diamond, beads and pearls are beautifully designed and crafted in silver and gold toned metal to give you some ravishing and exquisite pieces of jewellery. If you have selected a jewellery that you feel will accessorize and help you socialize in the best possible way, then all you need to do is add it to the cart, make your payment and wait for a couple of days for the delivery. Our complete safe payment gateway, same day shipping for orders placed before 3 pm, cash on delivery option, gift wrap service, hot deals and offers and many more will only add an enchanting shopping experience.

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