Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas for HIM & HER

December – the last month of the year and its absolutely wonderful to end it with Christmas and New Year festivities. Parties and get-togethers with family and friends add more cheer to this year-end wintry month. The cherry on the cake to these celebrations are gifts. Christmas or New Year gifts for your loved ones are not only a great way to augment the occasion but also a wonderful way to thank them for being with you through the past year and wishing for the same heartfelt togetherness in the coming year.

However, finding that perfect gift in the midst of planning a social get together at home or visiting a friend’s place for a party can be a bit taxing, especially if you are in short of ideas. If you are, then do not fret. Just spare a few minutes and continue reading below and you might just stumble upon some cool ideas that will help you pick the right gift for your dear HER or HIM.

For HIM:

HIM can be your brother, friend, father, boyfriend or husband. Gifting HIM also means that men like receiving gifts. Contrary to popular belief that men generally like gifting, they also equally enjoy receiving gifts, especially when it is what they were looking to buy for themselves.

Now if your HIM is your father, brother or even a friend then you might have a fair idea of his likes and dislikes. Wallets, travel bag, belts, watches, a favourite sweet or chocolate box, mobile phone related accessories, jackets/shirts, champagne bottle, a book or CD that HE might be looking for, greeting cards etc. are some of the gift ideas for HIM.

If your HIM is your boyfriend or husband, then you can make this Christmas and New Year more special by giving a personal touch through a personalized gift item. Dropping a subtle question on a thing he might have longed for, is a smart way to know before planning to buy a gift. Following this, depending on his likes/preferences and your budget, you can think of more gift ideas. For example,

MUSIC GIFTS: If your HIM is a music freak, then gifting something on the lines of an iPod, an electronic instrument, a personalised domino set, tickets to a music concert, an audio CD with a compilation of his favourite songs or artist/s seems a good idea.

GROOMING GIFTS:  You can gift your HIM a new look this holiday season through some readily available men’s grooming products in the market. If your HIM is into styling and grooming, then there is a range of lotions, shower gels, deodorants, colognes, trimmers and electric shavers available. You can make a small hamper out of it to show your thoughtfulness and utility of your heartfelt gifts. To know more, you can check out Amazon or Nykaa for grooming products for men.

OUDOORSY GIFTS: If your HIM is an Outdoor enthusiast, then there is nothing like it. Depending on his preferred outdoor activity or a sport he likes, you can gift him a pair of hiking or running shoes, a sleeping bag that is ideal for a weekend backpacking trip or a windproof jacket. Amazon, Flipkart and Decathlon may help you a great deal in realizing your plan.

For HER:

Gifting can be quite a task, if you are trying to find a perfect gift for HER which is thoughtful, useful yet not pinching a hole in your pocket. Do not worry while trying to find a wonderful balance between the two and treating your favourite ladies (your mom, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife) with something special on this holiday season.

Chocolate hampers, assorted sweets, flowers, cakes, soft toys, cookie hampers, gift box containing aromatic candles, personalized mugs/calendars/frames etc. are some gift items you can think for friends who are girls. Similarly for relations who are closer than friends, you can add a branded handbag, an ethnic or party outfit or her favourite book/CD to the list with a handmade New Year greeting or note attached to it. You can also look for:

BEAUTY GIFTS: If you want HER to squeal in delight, then a beauty hamper is the best bet. A 6-set eye-shadow palette, a spa gift hamper, a face care kit, a professional makeup concealer kit, a nail polish set or maybe even an appointment to a salon can do the trick. You can check for some really good discounts at Nykaa, Purplle, Flipkart or Jabong before making your pick.

FASHION JEWELRY: “I love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces you name it” – Sofia Vergara, says it all. Be it ethnic, chic or funky, a girl can never say enough when it comes to her jewellery collection. Add a thoughtful gift from your end this New Year by presenting HER an engraved ring, a personalised pendant chain or a charm bracelet. You can make your pick from a wonderful collection of bling jewelry, couple rings or romantic heart jewelry from Stylehoops.

5 Smart Shopping Tips for this Festive Season

A simple word ‘shopping’ covers completely opposite reactions from shoppers i.e. the pleasure of buying but also the fear of putting a big hole in the pocket. Nevertheless, if there is a big festival like Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Christmas or Holi round the corner, then this fear is conveniently kept aside while the whole concentration is to splurge on things that can range from as expensive as buying a house or jewellery to purchasing a gadget, appliance or fashionable garments.

With a major festival like Diwali around, if you are planning to do some festive shopping through online or offline medium and that too without bursting your budget like a cracker, then we bring to you some tips that will prove to be very handy while shopping.

1. Decide What You Want to Buy

Festive season means discounts, sales and chances to get products at a great bargain. However, that does not mean you get carried away and a buy a product impulsively and then sulk and repent. To avoid this situation, it is better to know what you intend to buy beforehand. There are many things one wishes to spend their money on. But there are also quite a few things that are always on top of a shopping list. For example, if you have many options and discount sales accessible, then you can always ask yourself questions like ‘where will you wear this?’ or ‘where will I use it?’ etc. This will help you achieve the very first tip to smart shopping i.e. decide what you want to buy with your hard earned extra money and stick to it, irrespective of any lucrative deal advertised in any form.

2. Be in Control Of Your Budget

After deciding what you want to buy, it is crucial that you outline or fix a budget for it. If you are going to buy your product through a retailer in a known shopping area, then do not hesitate to bargain or negotiate for the product you intend to buy. However if you feel that the product exceeds your budget or the retailer is not budging or you are simply not getting the best deal, then the rule is simple. Do not waste time your time there. Remember, it is a festive season. There are ample retailers and stores in the market who might offer you the same products at discounted prices. Step out of the store and try them instead.

3. Online Shopping & Festive Sales

Online shopping is quite popular during festive season. So, make a point to check for products at popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Shopclues, Ebay, etc. These online marketing sites have their festive shopping sales for limited number of days, where products from different brands are brought to you under one roof and that too at discounts ranging from 10% to a whopping 80%. Also, their easy to select and shop facility, free shipping on major products and easy return and refund policy is a great a boon for a shopper, in the midst of preparing for the festivity. So go online and check these reputed sites (beware of fraudulent sites or lesser known sites) and try a hand at online retail therapy.

4. Compare Prices, Read Product Reviews

Now, if you are buying a dress from an apparel store, then you can always see and feel the fabric. However if you are planning to buy the same from an online store, then ratings and reviews from users are what you should look for. This is just an example. Apart from clothes, there are a number of reviews online on books, smartphones, computers, beauty products, grooming kits, kitchen appliances, sports gears, etc. that help a buyer to know about the product and also where the product is available for sale at a comparatively lower price. Also, verified user reviews at e-commerce sites are quite helpful. Read such product reviews to get a better picture about the branded product you intend to buy. This will help you decide if want to buy the product of a certain brand or go for something else.

5. Offers from Banks/Merchants

Words like offers, deals, sales and discounts are not just applicable to products and commodities that are sold online and offline. Quite a few established banks and wallets like PayTm, PayU Money, etc. offer cashback offers during festive season. Also, major banks and merchants have tie ups with shopping sites where they offer cashbacks, reward points and/or discounts when you use their debit/credit card or promo codes or coupons during online transaction. This means that the final price of your purchased product further gets reduced at the time of payment. Hence, keep checking for these offers and avail them at the time of purchase.

Hope these tips prove useful to you at the time of shopping. So, less fretting and Happy Shopping!

How to Get Soft and Smooth Legs in 3 Simple Steps

It is warm and humid right now and it is only going to getting warmer when the summer sets in properly.  Now that you have the perfect opportunity to bring out your shorts, dresses, skirts, capris and bathing suits and flaunt them along your legs, then why not do so by ensuring that your legs look as good as you and the outfit you choose.

Getting smooth and silky legs is definitely attainable. Just continue reading below and unfold some secrets to get off hair from your legs for a longer period of time that have been tried and tested by famous fashionistas and runaway models.

1. Exfoliate Your Legs:

Yes, you read it right. Exfoliating is not a process limited in getting soft facial skin but also smooth legs. Exfoliating your legs before shave will help you get rid of dead and dried skin cells of your legs, open up your hair roots and also aid in getting a closer shave.

To get those velvety soft legs you can either go for exfoliating scrubs that are readily available in the market or try making scrubs at home which are equally effective.

Home-made scrubs from sugar and lemon, sugar and olive oil and sugar, oil and lemon juice are quite popular and effectual for exfoliating legs. Besides these, there are a bunch of other recipes that are accessible online.

For exfoliating your legs, all you need to do is first soak your legs in warm water for around 5 minutes, massage your legs with the scrub (from top to bottom and vice versa )and then rinse it off with water.  A lot of women have sworn that exfoliating legs before shaving gives a smoother, shiny and closer shave.

 2. Shaving or Waxing?

You ask any woman who waxes at home or visits a beauty parlour for the said job and she will vouch for the fact that waxing is painful. But a little bit of pain to attain smooth and hair-free legs for longer days can be guaranteed only by waxing and not by shaving. This is because waxing removes hair from its roots rather than its shaft (which happens while shaving).

However, if you opt for the shaving method then you need to know the right technique. First and foremost go for a three or more than three blade lady’s razor than a single blade razor. This ensures that the hair is removed properly from your legs while lessening chances of nasty cuts. Applying a shaving lotion/cream to your legs before shaving is necessary. Follow this up by first shaving your legs from knee to ankle and then vice versa. While shaving use lukewarm or cool water instead of hot or ice-cold water.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize … It is Essential:

 There have been many queries and misconceptions amongst ladies around the world regarding moisturizing legs before shaving to attain smoothness. Well, for a matter of fact one should NOT moisturize BEFORE shaving, as it clogs skin pores, making it difficult to attain soft hairless legs, irrespective of the method used.

The key aspect to get smooth legs for a longer time is to moisturize your legs regularly after bath. It is not just after waxing or shaving but one must daily moisturize legs after getting out of a bath or shower to ensure that the shaft of your leg hairs do not sprout quickly and your legs look silky.

One great moisturizer that you can find in the kitchen is olive oil. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and is highly effective during humid season.  Apply and massage your legs with olive oil at night and rinse it off thoroughly during shower the next day. Regular usage of olive oil as a moisturiser shows great results.

How to Throw a Rocking New Year’s Party at Home

Planning to throw a New Year’s party for the first time at your home? Or have you hosted parties before but are now short of ideas. Don’t fret just now.


If you are planning to host a New Year’s bash at home, then you should aim to make it enjoyable and fun-filled for all but without costing you a lot. Be it the look of your house, the menu or the games you want to play till the clock strikes 12, you can all make it work.

Our 4 tips given below will help you and your guests make the most of your homely yet sparkling party to remember. Just pull up your socks and plan ahead to make your house party ready for your friends and family on December 31.


1. Lighting & Decorations – First things first, think how you want your house to look like when your friends enter your cherished abode. To decorate and liven your home for the New Year Eve party, you can use balloons, curled ribbons, decorative garlands or glittery/metallic decoration materials (that are readily available during Christmas). If you want to inch more in your beautifications, then you can bring out your Diwali fairy lights to decorate a part of your house, some beautiful aromatic candles to soothe and relax your guests (keep them at one corner to avoid accidents) or put up a color changing ball or neon light to create a welcoming yet party-type environment.


2. Choose a Theme – Theme parties are fun. Theme parties are entertaining. So why not try them out at your year-end party. While inviting your guests, inform them about your theme. A decade party (dressing up in retro-style of the 60s, 80s or 90s) or asking your guests to come dressed like their favorite celebrity are some cool ideas that you can think about.

However, if you think your invitees would not be bold enough to move out of their comfort zone, then a masquerade party or passing a glittering hat and making everyone wear it is another way to enhance the party mood. You can also choose a color theme and ask your invitees to dress in the colors picked by you. Colors like blue and white, red and black, metallic and shimmer are quite popular for house parties.


3. Know When to Serve – Timing is everything when it comes to serving food. When to serve depends on what you want to serve and when you have invited your guests. If your party starts by as early as 7 pm and you plan to go on past midnight, then a round of appetizers with drinks is good enough before 9 pm. As for dinner, it is always better to serve your sumptuous spread before 11.30 pm. This will give you some time to tidy up the place from dishes and also precious time on hand when the clock nears 12.

In case, you want to skip making appetizers, then you can either ask your friends to carry some light starters (like a potluck party) or you can invite your guests at a time convenient for you to serve delicious dinner/supper with drinks.


4. Keep the Party Alive with Music & Games – It’s a New Year’s Party and you are inviting your close ones to mingle and have fun. So, don’t make it boring. Make an effort to keep everyone entertained and enjoy their last day of the year. You can set the mood by putting some soothing music when light conversations are going on. If you are all in the mood to let your hair down, then choose your songs accordingly. The only point to remember is to not blast your music system and annoy your neighbors. (If possible tell them about the party beforehand).

In the midst of mingling, gossiping and eating, you can also try out games. Be it the crowd favorite antakshari, dumb- charades, card games, a game of housie or lip-syncing contest for words, do not hesitate to put your idea forward and initiate guests into it.

As a final word, enjoy and have a great New Year party on a budget and being a host, keep your guests regaled and safe!

Top 6 Beauty Essentials for Monsoon

Monsoon! A season that automatically implies a romantic atmosphere, lush greenery, cool wind, heavy rains, the smell of earth and piping hot tea and pakoras, also reminds many of humidity, dampness and a skin that is prone to get sweaty, oily or that triggers acne frequently.


Honestly, rainy days are not much different from summer, as the humidity levels are high and perspiration is a big problem. However, if you want to balance out these skincare cons with practical tips this monsoon, then all you need to include are a few essentials that will help you achieve a refreshing and hydrated feel throughout the drizzling months.


  1. Sunscreen – Do not frown on seeing the word ‘sunscreen’ or ‘sunblock’ as an essential part of your monsoon skincare regime. Unlike summers, you are not directly exposed to the harsh sunlight during the rains. However, the rays coming through the cloudy sky are UV concentrated, making it imperative to apply a layer of sunscreen before stepping out of your house. A sunblock that is oil-free, water-based and that is in the range of 25-50 SPF is a good bet during the monsoons. Apart from including a sunscreen and drinking lots of fluids in your regular skincare regime, using a mild facewash (instead of beauty soap), exfoliating your facial skin daily and gently by using a natural exfoliator and moisturizing your skin with a nourishing and moisturizing cream are must-do essentials for supple and soft skin. pic3
  2. Waterproof Matte Compact and Mascara – Which lady doesn’t like a good touch up to illuminate her looks? Well, you will hardly find many. With humidity and rain drops ready to put a dampener to your makeup ideas, all you need to effectively do is ditch a few products and make way to new ones, to nurture you skin and augment your beauty. A great beauty tip this monsoon is to keep away from liquid foundations, glossy lipsticks and creamy eyeshadows. A water-proof, matte compact in powdered form and waterproof mascara are sure to help you highlight your understated features and have a glowing face for the maximum part of your day. pic4
  3. Lip Balm with a Tint – You say monsoon and chapped lips soon come to your mind. Chapped lips during the rainy season are triggered by fewer intakes of water, constant wetting of lips with your saliva and exposure to cool breeze for long hours. However this problem can be easily rectified by drinking lots of water and using a good lip balm that will help moisturize and nourish your lips. If you want to add a dash of colour and brighten your face, then you can either go for tinted lip balms or matte lipsticks that last for a long time. pic8
  4. Haircare During Monsoon – Monsoon brings its own set of hair problems, due to the cool, humid and drizzly weather. This results in hair getting rougher, dry and brittle, eventually causing more hair damage and hair fall. To keep your hair healthy, safe and shiny during monsoon, it is vital to wash your hair, at least twice a week with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Massaging your hair with warm coconut oil, avoiding elaborate hairstyles, limiting usage of hair dryers and tying your hair up into a bun, ponytail or braid are critical tips to be included during the rains. pic6
  5. Wear a Good Antiperspirant/Deodorant to Keep Body Odour at Bay – Whether you are working at home/office or constantly at a go, you cannot get rid of perspiration. To get rid of body odour due to sweat, you need to pick a skin-friendly deodorant that is free of unnecessary chemicals, synthetic fragrances and dyes. To feel fresh, fragrant and clean all day, look for a floral or citrus based deodorant or body mist, that is preferably made with some natural ingredients. pic7
  6. Wet Wipes or Face Tissues – It is not possible to splash water regularly on your face, especially when you are working. Hence the best way to keep your face cool and clean from sweat, breakouts, dirt, dust and other pollutants is by using a wet wipe. Nowadays, wet wipes or face tissues are enriched in vitamins and natural cooling ingredients to rehydrate and refresh your skin. Keep a pack of face tissue in your handbag and feel free to pat away the oil on your face or forehead sweat, whenever you need.

What Are You Planning to Wear On Eid?

Eid – An important and vibrant festival of Muslims is celebrated with much fanfare after a month long wait. A festival that is synonymous with mouth-watering food is all the more looked forward by families and friends, as it is a day of celebration, a day of mingling with loved ones and a day when everyone gets to wear and flaunt their new clothes and jewellery.

If you are looking forward to kick start the festive occasion with your friends and/or family, while also wanting to make a stylish impression on them, then continue reading forward. Among the hordes of designer clothes and tailored attires, girls and ladies who are looking for something traditional yet want a twist in their attire for a daytime house gathering or night party, can find something elegant, ethnic yet fashionable for sure.

  1. Anarkalis – One of the season’s favourites and readily available under various designer labels, flowy and floor-length anarkalis are a hit among ladies both Muslims and non-Muslims. Though anarkali suits are highly popular for being accessible in various materials and colours, vibrant colours and laced/embroidered/glittery stone studded suits are highly recommended to honour the spirit of the festival. 
    Another tip that will be handy while carrying these amazing outfits is to avoid chunky neckpieces. Team these flowy outfits with jhumkis, chandbali earrings and/or chunky rings. If you have half or quarter sleeved anarkalis, then a set of pretty bangles will add more spunk and vibrancy to your overall getup.
  2. Shararas – Customary attire that is a favourite among Indian Muslims, sharara is an outfit that speaks of elegance, style and royalty. With the festival of Eid being a perfect excuse to pull out a celebratory look, a fashionable, sexy yet comfortable looking sharara is all you need. Put along your golden, silver, kundan or pearl studded earrings and add a bit of shimmer on your makeup to display an overall dazzling look.
  3. Short Hemline Kameezs with Wide/Palazzo Pants – If you want to make a striking impression in attire that looks heavy, is comfy to carry, while also helping you keep your finger on the fashion pulse, then Palazzo pants teamed with kameez with short hemlines will definitely catch your attention. While choosing such attire, keep in mind to choose lighter fabrics like chiffon or cotton net to beat the sweltering heat. If possible wear stilettos to add oomph to your overall look.
  4. Kaftan Dresses and Kurtis – An outfit that will add glamour and drama to your body on any given day is Kaftan. On special occasions like Eid, this Arabian styled gown like outfit is one of the safest bets for women of all sizes. Long, flowy and figure flattering, kaftans come in various fabrics. The best ones for the festival being chiffon, satins and lycra.
    However, if you want a twist in this classy outfit, then kaftan kurtis are quite in trend. embroidered, laced, printed or satin based kaftan kurtis when teamed with tight leggings, churidars or harem pants are apt for both formal and informal occasion.

Top 4 Tips for a Happy, Safe & Carefree Holi

Holi, one of the most important religious festivals in India is very popular among both Hindus and non-Hindus. This spring festival is not only celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and a horde of colours and sweets but is also one of the most looked forward fiestas amid elders and children. However, this playful day can turn into a nightmare for the next couple of days for many, if the colours used affect the skin and hair of the ones who have played with it. To curtail such damage and have a joyous and safe Holi, you can try the below given tried, tested, reliable and handy safety tips this Holi.


1. Shun Chemical, Opt for Natural or Organic Colours:

Celebrating Holi without colours is meaningless and boring. However, these vibrant colours smeared on each other’s faces, hair, hands and legs can turn harmful and trigger rashes, allergies or infection of the skin, if the synthetic or greasy colours used contain chemical compounds like benzene, oxides, lead, metal, etc. To prevent any such eventuality and enjoy the festival without any stress, it is hence sensible to buy and play with organic or herbal colours that are easily available in the market.


If you are hesitant of the quality of colours used, then you can make 100% natural colours at home. It is easy to find the techniques online to make natural colours at home, while some of the materials used for getting your desired colours are: saffron colour (from tesu or palash flowers), green (from heena), blue (neeli gulmohar flowers or indigo plants), yellow (from turmeric powder and marigold flowers), red (from red hibiscus flowers or red sandalwood powder), etc.


2. Protect Your Skin:

Holi is a time for fun, frolic and celebration, so you need to play it safely to enjoy the festival to the fullest. With colours playing the most important part of the festival and it having the tendency to totally rip your skin from its natural oils and suppleness and lead to outbreaks, it is essential to keep a few pointers in mind to protect your skin before going out to play. Some of the simple instructions are:

  1. Wear bright or dark long-sleeved clothes

  2. Rub coconut oil on your hands, legs and exposed parts of your body

  3. Apply sunscreen (SPF 50) on your face at least 15 minutes before going to play

  4. Use lip balm to moisturize and protect your lips and

  5. Paint your nails with dark coloured nail polishes to safeguard your nails and cuticles from the harshness of the chemicals and colours


3. Hair Care During Holi

Though you may look your best when you keep your hair open, it is generally advisable to tie your hair into a ponytail, braid your hair or turn it into a bun before play. Oiling your hair from the scalp to its ends is another tip that will help you limit the harm from the colours.

Post playing with colours, shampooing your hair and following it with deep conditioning is strongly suggested.


4. Refrain from Throwing Water Balloons on Strangers:

It is very common to play with water during Holi. Splashing buckets of water on others, throwing friends and relatives in a pool of water or throwing water balloons is what a lot of people enjoy doing on this fun-filled day. However, water balloons thrown from great heights or randomly towards unsuspected people can potentially harm their eyes. There have been many serious incidents, where people have suffered from chemical conjunctivitis, eye allergies, short-term blindness or scratches in the cornea of the eye due to the force and chemicals used in the water balloons. Hence refrain from wild pranks or plans that involve throwing of water balloons from altitudes.

For people who wear contact lenses, ophthalmologists strongly advise them to use their glasses than lenses. This would avoid any allergies or infections resulting from the irritation and friction from the contact lenses and the colours.

Top 6 Personalized Valentine Day Gift Ideas for HIM & HER

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there is no better day to express your warmest, deepest feelings to your loved one in a romantic, mushy and personalized way. You can buy a bouquet of fragrant red roses, teddy bear or chocolates for your lucky guy/girl, but add a unique touch to a romantic gift you choose for your special someone to celebrate this special day. When shopping for HER or HIM, you can look for customized gift items through online shopping sites or make something yourself to express your genuine feelings for your partner. For people who are busy browsing for a customized gift, there are a whole lot of brand new gift items to pick up from, but if you are still doubtful then check the below mentioned top Valentine Day gift items that you can gift your Valentine this 14th.coffeemugs

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug or Mug Set – Tea or coffee, it is normal for nearly every person to have his or her daily cup of beverage. A coffee mug as a gift item is not only usable but also a regular reminder of your presence without being in person. For Valentine’s Day you can choose from a number of personalized coffee mugs available online. Obtainable in various colours, personalized coffee mugs can be ordered with your/your beloved’s name on it, a picture of you and your partner printed on it, a love quote or your love declaration on it. You can also go for coffee mug sets with two half hearts and names engraved on it. The coffee mugs when kept beside each other form a full heart and both names inside it. Isn’t it cheesy?keepsake
  2. Personalized Love Letter Keepsake – If you are NOT planning on writing a love letter or giving a card with your heartfelt words but contemplating on something similar, then you can opt for an engraved keepsake gift with your romantic message to your significant other. This simplistic looking gift is not just durable but will also keep reminding your loved one of you when you are not around.picture
  3.  Picture Frame with a Personal Touch – Write what you have in your heart and select a favourite picture of you and your partner. There are a number of online shopping stores that cater to creating and selling exclusive picture frames. Made-to-order picture frames allow you to address your sweetheart’s name, pass on your short message and a picture that you both adore. A perfect gift item to be treasured on this Valentine’s Day. original_valentine-s-day-box-of-personalised-chocolates
  4. A Personal Touch with Chocolates & Wine – Valentine’s Day is incomplete without chocolates for many, while some want to raise a toast with wines and champagnes to celebrate the romantic day. If you are looking to buy your valentine some chocolates or wines, then why not add your personal touch to it as well. There are a number of online sites that allow you to add your partner’s name, put on a snap and pass on your sweetest, shortest love message on the sweet treats and bottle wrappings to make the gift look more thoughtful and personal. These small gestures will not only make your special someone smile from ear to ear but will also make the day more beautiful for the two of you.ASH1014CP840_main
  5. Customized Jewellery and Accessories – Jewellery gifted with a personal touch can surely please your special one. When it comes to jewellery and accessories, there are several beautifully designed items available online. All you need to do is think what you want from a long list of couple rings, love infinity pendants and bracelets, engraved couple name rings, birthstone rings, lock and key pendant necklaces, photo heart pendants, ‘I love you’ pendants and charm bracelets, pendants with your partner’s initials, His & Hers birthstone watches, etc. and gift it to your other half to make the day extra special.coupletshirt
  6. Personalized T-Shirts/Couple T-Shirts that Will Look Super Romantic – Looking to celebrate this Valentine’s Day together whole day, then a customized couple T-shirt will be a wonderful addition. A couple t-shirt is not only a gift for you and your partner, but also a way of proclaiming your love in front of others. With tons of personalized design templates available online, you can pick any of them for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or for the both of you.

How to Add Shimmer to Your New Year Party Look

‘She Who Leaves a Trail of Glitter is Never Forgotten’ – Unknown

Wow! 2015 is about to end and 2016 is already looking up to brighten us our life in the coming few days. Within the buzz of the coming New Year, are Christmas and New Year parties to be attended or to be thrown, heightening the excitement level to another notch. Well, if you are all set to attend a New Year’s party then why not sparkle a bit. After all, no party can match up to a New Year’s night and a little bit of bling is only going to help you look stylish while making you stand out among the herd of celebrations and partygoers. If you are doubtful on what to wear or how to carry out a party look with shimmer on it, then check out the below given ideas. These ideas will let you shine out bright and without making you look like a disco ball in the crowd.


How to Wear Bling in Clothes:

For a start, shiny dresses, long gowns and wraps are usually a good idea when attending a happening party. However, the only thing you need to remember while wearing a sparkly dress is to keep away from too many accessories. Team your all sparkly outfit with pumps/stilettos in solid colours and keep your makeup soft.


If you do not want to go out in a one-piece sparkling outfit, then you can try to mix and match. A shining blazer on tank top with jeans, sequined mini skirt with colourful tank top or glittery statement leggings with white, black or red tops can easily let you hold others attention at a party.

shimmeryleggings shimmeryskirts










Sequined pencil skirts are quite in vogue nowadays. You can try putting on a formal shirt, tank top or beautifully cut top with bold coloured sequin pencil skirt. Golden, silver or black sequined top or vest with jeans or leggings is also a hit party look idea among many fashionistas. However, if you want to tone the sparkle and keep it very subtle then sequined or sparkling collars of the outfit you wear can also attract a lot of attention.


Shimmery Beauty Products:

Irrespective of how you want to your party makeup i.e. subtle or bold, you can have that perfect sparkling look with a little bit of care on your end while using shimmer makeup products. To give you a brief idea, glittery eyeshadows combined with shining lipsticks give a bold look to the wearer while shining nail polishes, sparkling eyeliners and fake shimmery eyelashes are subtle enough to give you a glam yet glistening look.

chained necklaces

body chains








Dazzling Accessories:

If you think it is hard to make a twinkling statement without a dazzling outfit then it is no further than the truth. A shimmery makeup with glittering accessories is ample to sparkle your New Year look without the need of adorning a sequined dress. All you need to do is be a bit creative and put on your favourite dangling crystal earrings, cocktail rings, sparkling statement necklaces, rhinestone studded bracelet or a sparkling party wear diamond ladies watch to finish your party look.

If you are still clueless on how to match accessories with your outfit, then you can try adorning statement earrings with your beautiful sequined shimmery dress or  accessorizing yourself with body chains and chained necklaces with simple party outfits, instead of opting for crystal or ruby jewellery. These ideas not only pay well while attending a party but also make you look chic and elegant.


Hold a Glittery Bag:

Accessories form a major part of a party look. If you do not want to wear an outfit that glitters then you can always hold onto something that sparkles. A glittering clutch with sequins or rhinestones or a small handbag that gives out a shiny metallic tone to it is the right accessory to carry all the necessities like cell phone, lipstick, keys, money, IDs, etc., while aiding your party look throughout the winter night. Remember shimmery or metallic bags and clutches go best with solid coloured outfits. So pick a clutch/bag, depending on what you plan to wear for your New Year night out.


Sparkling Footwear:

There is nothing better than wearing a pair of heels and a short shimmery dress to party all night through. However, today style and comfort both matter and women having multiple choices in the footwear department, making it convenient to find a perfect pair that will help you put your best feet forward. Glittery black/silver/golden pumps, shiny ballerinas, sparkling stone studded sandals to rhinestone embellished wedges can all do wonders to dazzle your feet while you continue dancing and mingling in the party.

Beauty Tips to Look Drop-dead Gorgeous on Karva Chauth

A festival that every married Indian woman (especially in North India) looks forward to is Karva Chauth. A festival that is dedicated for the long and healthy life of one’s spouse, is observed with stringent rules involving application of mehndi on hands, an entire-day’s fast, receiving ‘sargi’ from mother-in-law, preparing and thereafter consuming a variety of scrumptious food post-fast, exchange of gifts and finally Karva Chauth pooja. Besides these, this wonderful festival gives an appropriate and brilliant opportunity for married women to dress up on the occasion and look beautiful for themselves as well as their partners.


As a married woman, if you are planning to make this Karva Chauth extra special, then in addition to following the rituals and customs with sincerity, do try and follow some beauty tips given below, that will assuredly help you look beautiful from head to toe.


Picking Your Outfit:

Say Karva Chauth and the colour red instantly flashes our mind. This classic and very popular colour exhibits richness and splendour, in addition to adding auspiciousness to the entire look you exhibit. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then some other traditional colours like maroon, pink, mustard, orange, mauve, sapphire and emerald can also be adorned, with silvery or golden borders and embroidery work. Though saris, salwar suits and lehengas are all-time favourites on this day, you can experiment with the draping styles, fabric and embellishments to give your personal touch to your getup.


What Accessories to Wear?

Karva Chauth is the time to look your best for your spouse. After all you are showcasing your love and dedicating the festival for your better-half. Bring out lots of bangles, statement earrings, nose ring and maang tikas this season and wear them proudly along with your mangalsutra. As far as possible, stay away from elaborately designed choker or jadau type necklaces to avoid looking gaudy or like an ornate doll.


Some Makeup Tips for a Glowing ‘You’:

Makeup can make or break your entire look, if you are not careful with it. Remember, Karva Chauth is all about looking stunningly beautiful yet being your elegant self. As with every makeup tip, start with light waterproof foundation that is similar to your skin tone. If you have breakouts, blemishes on your face or dark circles under your eyes, then blend in some concealer to give your face a flawless texture. To add a bit of glow, use a blush and brush some of it on your cheeks using upward strokes. For lips, go for deep and luscious matte lipsticks. Bold red lipsticks go perfectly well with outfits in red, golden and green colours. Pink lipsticks on the other hand can be teamed with outfits in pink, silver, blue and purple shades. Regarding eye-makeup, go for kajal / eye liner and mascara to create a doe-eyed look. For eyelids, go for simple pink or golden eye-shadow. Refrain from dark, caked smoky look for your eyes.


Easy to Maintain Hair Styles:

For a festival like Karva Chauth, try and pick a hair style that is comfortable and very easy to maintain. Some very popular, easy to make, less messy and stylish hairstyles include a traditional bun, a messy updo style bun, a French updo twist, a side ponytail, a loose sweep updo hairstyle, a simple or Dutch braid, etc. These hairstyles not only keep your hair in check but also allow you to adorn gajras, to complete your traditional look.